Judgment—the Slavery of Oppression

Dec. 31, 2019 & Nov. 29, 2011


Don’t others’ judgments make you feel squirrely inside?  Do you feel like running and hiding, defensive as all get out, reactive, annoyed, defeated? 

Do you fold into yourself to hide your Real Self with quiet or numbness and “hope they won’t see you?  Or do you put on a bravado show of what you think those who judge you would hold in high esteem so that you would not be ostracized to hell?

Now, especially in this past very Piscean era, I don’t know of anyone who has not squelched their own wild and precious beauty in order to gain scraps of acceptance and love.  After all, even as human children we learned very early that our very survival lies in conforming to the social laws of the culture around us. 

In some ways, that may be beneficial, don’t you suppose?  After all, we become “civilized” is some ways.  Imagine never being potty trained or learning to use your “inside voice.”

On the other hand, we get into such a habit of not actually valuing our true self for just being here on Earth—much less valuing the totalityy of the miracle that we are in all our most unique ways.  For instance:

Having the courage to take yourself way beyond the oppression of what is expected of you is so very, very huge.  After all, it may thoroughly rock your world—literally!  Your old “friends” may turn away from you, your family may give up on you, old emotional torments may rise to haunt you, seemingly with no recourse on your part.

But remember, our cage whose bars are made of other people’s judgments is a form of the Emperor’s new clothes.  That is allowing others’ judgments of us to shape the persona that we project to the world, while we remain miserable hiding behind a mask that is actually our own voluntary participation in that slavery of oppression.  We are afraid of being alone or separated from what we feel will make us whole.  Woops!  Backwards.


After all, didn’t Yogi Bhajan in his talk on 11-10-11 tell us to be Who we are—no holds barred?  Didn’t he tell us that our true and authentic selves are really needed in this Aquarian time?  What if we actually followed our heart, our bliss?  Now I am not talking about following whims or obsessions, or addictions you understand.

Oh, no.  I am talking about the joy that is crying to explode from your guts.  We are looking for that beauty of expression and connection that truly satisfies that most exquisite place in your Being!  We need you, the real YOU because in truth, we all fit together like puzzle pieces!  But if a puzzle piece is missing, as a Whole we are not complete.  Everyone is needed as Who they really are.

Now to explore that purity, innocence and depth of spontaneity in you that actually brings you sheer, underlying happiness takes real courage to truly relax, relax, relax into your very personal and expansive Truth—the actual experience of Sat Nam. 

Imagine—joy, connection and satisfaction, or grounded “chedi kala” (uprising spirit) are the actual signs that we are fabulously and purely living from our Soul—our Guru.  That is when we are REAL as we stand for and with that great call that is our Destiny in every regard.  (This is not to be confused with self-righteousness—unadulterated prejudice and all that that entails.)

Once we are truly connected with our own pure depth, our world spins out of the old confusing, depressed and blocked kaleidoscopic pattern to simply sing, to become joyous and satisfying.  Things may be harder or perhaps easier than before, but definitely happier.  Freedom is where you follow your Soul!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

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