05/18/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Life is a circle.  See where you are.  See every position from One point.

Sat Nam


05/18/2020 Tratakam

You are kind

You are compassionate


When you love

Your heart sings


Learn to be loved

Hear my heart sing


Remember my life

Give my love to you


Care for your mind

Silence every thought


Care for you body

Use every part of it


Nourish your mind

Sing my Word


Nourish your body

Receive what I created


Every day

Every moment


To live with my Light

Is to see



As I created it





A dream

True in every way


Care for my day

Live your life quietly today






On my Word


Receive my blessings

Feel my love


Care for your life

Be everything for You


The moment you love all

Is the moment you love you


In that moment

All will be in my Light


Forgive yourself

Be your first breath


Each day lived

Is a gift from me



With humility





Every breath that I give you

Is an opportunity to be my Light



Know the purpose of life


To live as my Light

Is to live as my life



Live to be my love


My love

Is infinity


My love

Is consistent


Light and dark

Inhale and exhale


All are One

All are my life


In every direction you will see

If you see One


Sat Nam