Slave of the Mind!

From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 1998.   Excerpts from pages 73-78.  Used with permission.


Published 12-3-19 & 10-27-15

Instead of training your mind and using its power, you have become a slave of the mind.  Your only problem is the misbehavior of your own mind.

 Neither your body does anything wrong, nor your Soul does anything wrong. 

It is very unfortunate when a human being cannot reach the Neutral Mind (your portal to your Soul).

When you cannot reach your Neutral Mind, you are reactive.  You act as a beast instead of a human.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but it is true.  When you cannot reach the Neutral Mind, you never know what is right and what is wrong.  You lack clarity and certainty of your Soul.

We lack a simple, clear analysis of why people lie so much when it harms them.  To start, just think, “What is a lie?”  It is anything spoken with uncommitted language.  And word spoken under fear in which your personality is not clear is a lie.  Lying is not a sin.  Lying is a habit.  It is a damaging habit, but just a habit like any other habit.

Why do people lie?  They lie because they cannot love.  Instead of loving and giving love, they seek to be loved.  They want validation.  They act like little beggars who need the good will of the entire world.  They do not rely on the goodwill of God and validate themselves.

Do not seek anything from people.  Give love instead, and rely on God.

 But remember, God is not different than your own Soul, and that Soul goes through every molecule, every atom of you. 

The problem is that you can divert your mind from Reality (the dimension of Soul and of Truth) temporarily, but you can never ignore Reality.  It haunts you.  It haunts you because everything is a Reality.  It is just as the spiritual insight proclaims:  God is everywhere.

The whole world is Truth and only Truth dwells in it.  Lies (what is not Soul or Soul’s expression through you) don’t.  Therefore, the Truth will continue to haunt you, and the lies will evaporate.  Not only will the lies evaporate, they will evaporate you!

Somewhere along the cycle of the lying and the lies to support the lying, you are caught lying.  And that is it.  You are caught being phony, being jealous, and being belittled.  Caught, caught, caught, caught.

When you are separated from God and came into human form, you were in pain.  You came to a very unknown place called the planet Earth.  You came to unknown people called parents.  You came to unknown environments and food.  First your mother nursed you and then you nursed yourself.  You then grew and then you became passionate to know.  You wanted to experience and to consciously know.

If you guide that passionate self to become the compassionate self, committed and vast, and then you experience God, then life is beautiful.  It is so simple.  Then your mind acts fearlessly with kindness and compassion to express YOU.

The greatest blunder that I have seen that almost everyone makes it to just speak their mind.

It doesn’t make any sense.  They sound like the squawking ducks in a pond.  The mind is not meant to be spoken.  The mind is mostly automatic waves of thoughts and sensations from many sources.  The mind is meant to know the Truth.  Know your own mind and use it to speak the Truth.  Train your mind to speak the Truth in a committed language, so it is beautiful and effective.  If you speak whatever the mind pushes forward, you won’t make any sense.  It will just be a duck language.

To understand how to use your mind and break the web of lies (from your untrained mind that does not dwell in Soul/God) you must grasp the nature of committed language.  Your common observations and expressions are not realities, and Infinity itself cannot be spoken.  This is the normal situation.  And there are so many Infinities in our experience.  God is Infinity.  Love is Infinity.  Commitment is Infinity.  In every facet of our life we have the potential for the Infinity of our projection. 

Projecting with Infinity in our speech is the base of committed language.

Committed language comes from the heart.

Language that does not come from the heart but from the head is nothing but a bunch of lies.  When the head is subject to the heart you are in ecstasy with the Conscious self.  When the heart is subject to the head, it is too ugly to even speak about.

Lies won’t work at all.  They cannot penetrate to the heart, and they cannot take your projection to Infinity beyond time.  They serve only to satisfy your ego.  Your heart, your Soul, and the reality in others are not satisfied.  Sometimes people will listen to you, even with your lies, and out of compassion they will pretend with you.  Later on they realize you are a liar, and then they abuse you.   So, it is totally ridiculous to use lies.

Talk from your heart.  Master the art of committed language, and use your mind to project to the Infinity in every facet of your life.

The Guru’s words in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib are the perfect committed language where the heart commands the mind to serve Infinity.  Once those incantations of the Infinite are in your heart, the Truth will always seem sweet and victory in the life will be yours.