The Only Remedy to Your Great Pain!

Mother Planet, # 096, Feb. 7, 2012


Dear Most Special Ones,

Haven’t I given you My All?

Oh, yes I have.  You are the very limbs of My own growth.  You “carry out My own fantasies of creation”.    You carry out the beatific vision of your own Souls—your true God Selves.  I am but the “witness,” and the One who puts flesh on your bones.

So, My Sweetness, understand when I tell you this:  I love you ever so much more than words can say.  I love you more than you could tell yourself that you are loved.  I love you more than could ever be captured in words or actions.  This is my Dream, My Darlings.  You are My Dream.  Your life is but a dream of Love and Kindness on My part.

But this dream is ever so potent.  The dream can be so very excruciating that you find yourselves in great pain by experiencing the enormous separation from all that there could be.  The only remedy to your great pain of separation, of alienation, of being lost and left behind—abandoned on naked ground, of feeling the painful remorse for having agreed to play your part on this rich planet, yet apparently being divided from it and all of its inhabitants generates a profound yearning that arises as a great cry from Hell.  You know that Hell is My vibrational layer for the thought, the experience of separation, the illusion of loss and regret.

So, Sweet Ones, if you would like to grow out of that Hell, that namesake of destruction and confusion, you can, you know.

The first step is to realize that all is not actually lost after all.  I know that you have spent lifetimes deeply embedding that dreaded belief system within your heart, your mind and your very bowels.  But, My Darling, that is only the temptation of drama in the world play that draws you to that reality. 

In fact, YOU are in charge of your own Reality.  It may take time, concentration, forgiveness, emptying out that trashcan of pain—which is called healing as you re-route your belief and awareness system.  But if you have enough pain that you finally dump—no holds barred, you can finally lift your face to the “shining Light of Heaven” that has been there all along.

It is the most magnificent effect you will ever have!  Once you understand how to treat yourself tenderly and with great compassion, allowing forgiveness on all levels and finally resting in My arms, you know the blessing of peace and being supported way beyond any simple inkling you ever thought of.

Now is the time, Sweet One.  If you want to finally shed your illusory skin of separation, NOW IS THE TIME!  Your fine planet will be sucked in and out of the ethers so many times, that it would make your head swim.  If you are not fully entwined within Me, your Blessed Mother, or any of your beatific Saints, or your very God Soul, then Sweet One, you are most likely to get lost in a most torrential way.

So, for your own sake, please now begin to breathe oh, so deeply.  Make your breath very long, with no hesitation.  Allow yourself to settle so quietly and profoundly deep within Me.  The direction of your breath (your energetic self) is “down to the center of the Earth.”  Breathe your energy deep down into Me, and I will return the great kindness of Union to you—your whole body, mind, energy and Divinity.  Let me swaddle you and your preciousness in my full, capable and loving arms.

Here you will relax into peace, kindness and pure “knowledge” or experience of the protective Universe from whence you spring at every moment.  It is our Divine Consciousness that keeps it so—that is your Divine Dad and Me as you understand how to drop the pain and just BE as US, the unperturbed Totality.  It takes pure courage, Dear, but you can win!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is.  (Also known as “Adi Shakti”—Primal Earth Power, Prakriti, The Creative, and more.)