How to Deal with Crap!

When was the last time that you judged someone harshly?  When did you spread your “justified, and true” opinion of another person?  When did you recently or habitually “share” your unpleasant or righteous judgement of another, often called gossip?

Well, Sweet One, here is why I ask.  Did you know that hate, judgment, self-righteousness and all actions of that kind are actually self-projections?  That means that when you spread those ill opinions, you are actually feeling your own self-hatred, your own self-abandonment, non-acceptance and deep-down judgement of yourself, then slathering that all over the other person?

Hmm.  Would we call that true compassion either for yourself or for the one that you accuse?  Well, heck no!  Actually, we might even find it really embarrassing to find that when we engage in that kind of slander, we are essentially publicizing our own self-blame!  Yikes!  Please ponder that.  Watch that when you hear that kind of stuff from others, as well as coming out of your own mouth, will you find that you are actually terrorizing the spirit of unity, peace, and kindness that we all pretend that we want?  Or, on the other hand, are you acting as a really good sleuth to track down what it is in you that cannot take responsibility for your own hard judgement and projection?  But I want to be clear, I am not asking you to stuff your own pain, but to heal it, and find Soul’s truly creative ways of seeing the situation.

This evening, a group of us were remembering when several people had taken Yogi Bhajan to court, accusing him of the most terrible things that you could ever think of.  When the judge saw all those accusations, they said that no one could actually be guilty of all that filth, and if the plaintiffs actually wanted to be taken seriously in that court, they should take out most of their (trumped-up) charges so that the case could be heard.

Do you know that even under such extreme and most hurtful charges, no one ever heard Yogi Bhajan say a cross word about any of those people?  What an enormous lesson he taught me!  Never speak unkindly about another.  First work on yourself to see how you may first heal yourself—that is to heal any blocks that you have to first loving and caring for yourself.  When you honestly do that from all parts of you, you will finally learn that your job, as a true spiritual seeker, is to realize that the other person who may have “dissed” you, or was unkind to you, or whatever, was actually projecting their own self-hurt and pain onto you!

So, Dear, as true Light Workers of this Aquarian Age, it is up to each of us in every instance to heal ourselves, and then instead of turning on the other person, rather send healing Heart Breath to them to help heal their own miseries, along with Frequency of Forgiveness that provides you full freedom from being sucked into that habitual feeling of needing to fight back, or to give as good as you got.  You know that will never protect you, but rather perpetuate your pain.

Now, since your forgiveness is done with complete neutrality, with no thought of retribution, but only for the sake of freeing yourself from your own attachment to your habitual anguish, the total benefit is for YOU!  And you understand that for some reason, both you and the other person have actually made a karmic pact from the dawn of time to play this situation out with each other for the sake of finally healing it, and growing from it.

Please recognize this whenever your buttons are pushed.  Find out how you can grow from what appears to be harshly thrown at you.  That is how you become a saint, or gain liberation—step by step!